Getting Started With NXTGEN Racing

1. Check out our Rules Of Racing which can be done by navigating to the page using the navigation bar.

2. Check out our leagues on offer and see which one(s) your interested in.

3. Check out more information on the league(s) if more information is available, if not the button will show "More Information - Coming Soon"

4. Once you've found a series(s)/League(s) your interested in you will need to join our Discord &/or Facebook community group. Facebook link can be found at the top right of the page or alternatively below you will find both a Discord & Facebook link.

5. Once you have joined our Discord &/or Facebook group, post a message to the group so a host can contact yourself or alternatively you can fill out the entry forms provided. (Click going on event page if using facebook)

6. The host or admins will contact you to acknowledge your sign up & the correct roles will be applied.

7. Race Clean, have fun and battle it out on the track.