GT4 Championship, Season 2

Key Information

The GT4 Championship will return to NXTGEN Racing for its second season, season 1 proved to be a success with our drivers with the format creating several battles in the double race format.

The season takes place over 12 rounds in the run up to the festive period & will begin on Monday 15th November and conclude on Monday 7th February, there is a 1 week season break after round 6 over the festive period.

Qualifying is followed up by 2 races, the first been based on the qualifying results while the second race is a reverse grid to test the drivers skill and create some spectacular racing.


Series Details


- Drivers Championship

Car Selection

Scirocco gr4
Megane gr4 (not trophy)
BMW m4 gr4
Mercedes sls gr4
Lexus gr4
Hyundai gr4
Jaguar f type gr4
Porsche Cayman gr4
Peugeot rcz gr4
Audi TT gr4
Mustang gr4
Viper gr4
Corvette gr4
Honda nsx gr4
Alfa Romeo gr4
Toyota gt 86 gr4
McLaren gr4
Ferrari gr4
Aston Martin gr4

Series Specific Rules

Drivers MUST be part of either NXTGEN Racing Discord (Link can be found by clicking discord logo) or alternatively by joining our NXTGEN Racing group on facebook (Link can be found by clicking logo in top right corner)

Drivers per lobby will be capped at 15 to accommodate for broadcasting/commentator.

This series features post race stewarding, which drivers must submit incidents for review, within 24 hours of the race ending.

Prize Pool

Prize Pool - TBC

Race Day Schedule (GMT/UTC)

Practice - 20:00 (30 Minutes)
Qualifying -  20:30 (10 Minutes)
Race 1 - 20:10 (20 Minutes)
Race 2* -  20:35 (20 Minutes)
* Full reverse grid

Drivers will be required to use 2 different types of tyre compound in the 2 races on the night.

Top 3 Drivers within the championship standings will be required to use the hard or medium compound.*
Drivers from 4th down the last place within the championship standings can use soft or medium compound.*
*Drivers can NOT run the same compound in both races.


Race Calendar