We don't have millions of rules. The basics are to be nice to other members, have a laugh and race clean and don't treat it like a public lobby.

We are a friendly group and we discuss sim and racing on console/pc as well as being a place to race in organised league races where being fair on track is just as important as winning.
In the Facebook Group/Discord/Other NXTGEN Social Media
Debate is healthy but don't argue on the newsfeed. Take it to a private message.
No racist content, bullying, name calling or mocking any member is allowed. Anyone found doing this will be spoken to and warned or banned depending on the content posted.
Don't discuss race incidents in the news feed or in event pages and/or group chats set up for leagues. Please also see race rules on what is required when an incident has happened. Open a group chat and invite admin so it can be discussed without 100 other opinions being thrown in.
Don't get angry if others don't share your opinion - this goes back to the debate rule.
Racing rules:

NXTGEN’s prime rule is to race fairly. Don't go for gaps that aren't there, give spaces back that are gained from unfair play, the cleaner the racing the better the races will be.

The following rules are designed to make our leagues a clean and fair place to race:
If a game has options to reduce collisions these must be used proximity arrows, spotter etc. If you are judged to have caused a collision and are not using the tools to prevent this then the incident will be classed as your fault alone and you will receive further sanctions.

LIVE RECORD YOUR RACE: This is vital throughout the race. Streaming a race also counts as this. When admin deliberate on an incident, we use live race footage from the Point of View (POV) you provide which gives the admin team the ability to see your POV in real time. Sometimes we can accept replay footage but that does not guarantee entirely what happened (Lag, connection issues can cause replays for certain games to be inaccurate)
Please remember incidents will and do happen. Most races have drivers with differing levels of abilities, and some will drivers will be new to NXTGEN and are still adjusting to our rules but;

Don't drive like it is a public lobby, our leagues are designed for people who want to race cleanly. If you feel something was your fault, then slow down and don't gain an advantage from the incident. Please see the penalty list for possible outcomes of incidents. Please note we try to cover all incidents, but scenarios can change in every race.
Please report all racing incidents (small or big) to an admin member asap.
Video evidence may be asked if no eyewitness account can be provided.
Admin decisions on incidents are final.
Don't discuss incidents within the newsfeed or in the lobby chat
Reset to track is allowed if your car flips over and doesn’t self-right however you must ensure that when you press reset it doesn't affect other drivers racing. Anyone seen doing this outside of this scenario will be spoken to and may result in a race/group ban.
Once a race starts do not rage quit. See the race out to the end as there is plenty more to be gained from challenging races rather than easy victories. If, however you do decide to retire from a race you can leave the lobby. Please note this may cause lag and any incident caused by leaving the lobby may result in further sanctions. Anyone that leaves races regularly will be spoken to by an admin member and may result in losing their place in the league/group ban. You may be asked to provide footage of any disconnection or game issues to confirm this.

Mic chat during qualifying and races must only be used in an emergency (warn of an incident ahead - car stuck on track - slow down penalty received mid corner)

This can be used in a race as a way of communicating.
If you are a back-marker and have a leader approach then stay on the same line if they are fast approaching. The leader can flash to let you know he is approaching.
If you feel someone has hit you off you may flash to say contact was made.

A back marker is not expected to just drive on the grass to move. The best thing to do is move around the back marker once it is safe. (See light flashing section above for most ideal scenario)
If you are a back-marker don't make any last minute changes to your line just slow down slightly and let the faster traffic past.

if you sign up to a league you must attend the races. If for any reason you will not be able to attend a race let the host(s) know asap. If you do not advise of absence, then you will be classed as a no show. The host has the right to remove from that league for the remainder of the season. Multiple no shows to different leagues may result in a ban from the group all together (without warning)
If you receive a DQ penalty in qualifying you must start from the back. You must not leave the lobby and rejoin if you get a DQ for something you did. The only exception to this rule is if another driver has caused you to gain a DQ. In that scenario you can leave and rejoin.

If an incident is deemed as a player fault the following penalty will be applied. Please note a player can receive multiple penalties during a race and in the stewards’ room afterwards.
Players must live record their race footage. Double tap share button to activate game record on console, you can live stream as well or use a screen capture software on PC.
Live stream footage must be used to determine penalty decisions. Replay footage can be used if no other means available. Admin may ask you for your POV after the races are finished and will aim to determine the outcome of the incident before the next race.
Please note admin will make decisions on incidents utilizing the guide below where possible but other circumstances may arise:
Could it have been avoided by either driver?
Did the person causing it show fair play by allowing the driver past?
Was lag involved?
Was the driver involved in more than 1 incident?
Has the driver been involved in an incident before?
The list can be quite extensive but when asking for a video to be reviewed please try and understand that sometimes the stewards may put the blame on the person submitting or another driver who is involved in the incident.
Penalties given can be but not limited to
Official Warning
Disqualification from the race result (0 Points)
Qualifying ban for the next race
Added time penalties
Position swap
Race ban
Week ban
League ban
Penalties can also be a mixture of above
We also have the following penalty structure in place as an additional guide:
1st incident Verbal warning / Final verbal warning / Qualifying ban / DQ from Race Result
2nd incident Final verbal warning / 1 race ban / DQ from Race Result + qualifying ban + race ban
3rd incident Week ban
4th incident Season ban.
As mentioned, the above is only a guide. Each incident is reviewed on a case by case basis.
Corner cutting/ track limit abusing:
Some tracks on some games have flaws, a player must not continue to abuse track limits to gain in a race and the host of the league will determine whether in-game track limit penalties will be available to challenge after the race is over. Those however who do abuse track limits when in-game track limit penalties have been switched off will receive a DQ from the race result.