NXTGEN Racing Rules

What are our expectations ?

We are a friendly group and we discuss sim and racing on console/pc as well as being a place to race in organised league races where being fair on track is just as important as winning.

In the Facebook Group/Discord/Other NXTGEN Social Media

Debate is healthy but don't argue on the newsfeed. Take it to a private message.

No racist content, bullying, name calling or mocking any member is allowed. Anyone found doing this will be spoken to and warned or banned depending on the content posted.

Don't get angry if others don't share your opinion - this goes back to the debate rule.

1. - General Rules

1.1 - All Drivers must be using a stable internet connection, drivers who appear to have significant lag & rubber banding may be asked to leave the server to prevent any issues.

1.2 - NXTGEN Racing Admins reserve the right to change the rules at any given time, however a notice of 7 days will be made across our social media & Discord server in the #announcements channel.

1.3 - Remember this league racing, Do NOT Drive as though its a public open lobby, we are all here to have good clean, competitive racing.

1.4 - Use of ingame chat & voice chat during Qualifying & Races are prohibited, unless under extreme circumstances (I.E - you are suffering sudden connection issues/rubber banding)

2. - Driver(s) Responsibilities
2.1 - Drivers are required to follow all rules set out within this document.

2.2 - Drivers are expected to drive & race in a fair & sportsmanlike manner.

   2.2.1 - Trash talk, Berating, Taunting, Racial comments to other drivers will see you hit with a heavy penalty and/or banned from racing with NXTGEN Racing.

2.3 - Drivers are expected to record their own POV or at least have the replay saved, in the event it is needed by the stewards for any racing incident submitted.

2.4 - Drivers are expected to attend any race & series they have signed up for, without prior notice to the host or admins will result in a DNS & is not limited to you being removed from the series for repeat offenders.

2.5 - Drivers are expected to finish a race they start, drivers may be questioned on why they quit the race, in event of a disconnection notify the host or admins as soon as possible, repeat offenders may be penalised for failing to do so or removed from the series.

2.6 - Cheating in any form will not be tolerated & should be reported to the admins.

2.7 - Should a sim feature a proximity detection system it must be used to prevent unnecessary incidents occurring.

3. - Qualifying

3.1 - Qualifying session(s) are used to determine the starting grid order from Pole (Fastest) down to the last position.

   3.1.1 - In the event a different qualifying process is used you will be notified by the series rules.

3.2 - Drivers who are not on a qualifying hot lap or have invalidated their current lap, should yield to the cars on flying laps.

   3.2.1 - Penalties may be applied to drivers deliberately blocking or slowing down a car on a flying lap.

3.3 - It is the drivers responsibility to find a reasonably suitable window on track to set their qualifying lap.

   3.3.1 - Approaching a slower car on a qualifying lap grants neither driver priority over track space/position. Should the slower driver wish to allow the faster car to pass they must do so safely (I.E - Lifting on a straight) However they are not required to do so.

4. - Race

4.1 - Races will start with the in sim starting procedure, the type of start will be specified within each series in the event of a non default start procedure is used.

4.2 - Use of Returning to garage during races is not permitted unless specified you can do so by the host. This is to allow broadcasters/commentators to follow the cars round on a cool down lap & run through the finishing positions.

   4.2.1 - In the event 4.2 is not required you will be notified by the host if the series/races or streamed or not.

4.3 - Light flashing can be used in races as per real world motorsport.

   4.3.1 - In the event of a leading car approaching fast, the lapped or to be lapped car is required to hold there line and not make any sudden movements to allow the leading car to pass safely.


5. - Flag Rules

5.1 - Blue flags are advisory, slow &/or lapped drivers do not need to pull over to the side, they can continue to hold their line. Caution & good sportsmanship should be used.

   5.1.1 - A blue flagged driver cannot defend their position on track against the lapping car.

      5.1.2 - Intentionally holding up a faster/lapping car may result in penalties being applied.

         5.1.3 - Drivers about to be lapped must behave in a predictable manner and not make any sudden movements on track.

            5.1.4 - A to be lapped car may only stay ahead of a faster driver for 2 laps, in which they should allow the faster driver past within the 2 laps.

               5.1.5 - Lapped drivers are permitted to unlap themselves should they be fast enough, should they unlap themselves and not be able to pull away from the leading car(s) rule 5.1.4 will apply.

5.2 - Yellow flags are enforced via the sim

   5.2.1 - All drivers under yellow flag must slow down and proceed with caution in order to prevent any further incidents. Failing to do so may result in penalties being applied.

      5.2.2 - There should be no overtaking under yellow flags if there are slow, heavily damaged or stationary vehicles.

6. On track behaviour/Driving Etiquette

6.1 - The driver in front has the right in order to pick their selected line at any moment on track. The front driver loses this right to do so when a car behind brings their car a minimum of 50% alongside the front driver. At this point both drivers will be classed as being ‘Side by side’ and should give each other enough room to prevent an incident occurring.

6.2 - Defending is allowed by the driver in front, however only 1 defensive move can be used. Should drivers be ‘side by side’ the front driver cannot defend. (Refer to rule 6.1)

   6.2.1 - Taking the racing line is not classed as defending should the cars have no overlap or be ‘side by side’ (Refer to rule 6.1)

6.3 - It is both the driver in front & behind responsibility to allow significant room to each other during an overtaking attempt.

6.4 - Dive bombing should be avoided and may be penalised for doing so.

6.5 - Brake checking, blocking, weaving, excessively slow in a corner, bumping or cutting the nose of another car is not permitted and may result in a penalty regardless of if there is contact or not.

   6.5.1 - Drivers should hold their current line under braking and not move across track while in a braking zone should a car behind be close enough to make an overtaking attempt.
6.6 - Drivers who have been involved in an incident or have gone off track on their own accord should rejoin the racing in a safe and predictable manner.
   6.6.1 - Drivers may be penalised should their rejoin be deemed unsafe.
6.7 - Drivers showing unsportsmanlike conduct or unpredictable/dangerous driving will be subject to penalties being applied, but not restricted to being removed from the series should stewards & admins deem them unsafe to race.
6.8 - Track limits are determined by the specific sims, using the sim built in penalty system to enforce this.
   6.8.1 - Should any further track limits be used or not covered by the sim penalty structure these will be specified by the host &/or admins (I.E - Iracing Daytona, going below yellow line)
6.9 - Courtesy Rule
   6.9.1 - If a driver is involved in an incident and they feel they were the cause they are encouraged to safely give the position back to the car(s) involved.
      6.9.2 - Displaying this kind of behaviour may result in penalties been reduced depending on the severity.

7. Incidents & Penalties
7.1 - Penalties will be received in game should live stewarding be used.
7.2 - Penalties will be received post race in the event live stewarding is not used.
7.3 - Penalties used are as followed;
Racing Incident
No Further Action (NFA)
Time penalty (5 to 30 seconds)
Drive Through (DT)
Stop & Go (SG - 10/20/30 Seconds)
Disqualification (DSQ)
7.4 - Incidents are reviewed using the following;
Avoidable Contact
Aggressive Driving
Dangerous Driving
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Intentional Blocking
Ignoring Blue Flags
Unsafe Re-join
Jump Start & Track/Corner Cutting (Where sim does not cover this penalty)
7.5 - Any other penalties or incident reasons will be specified to the specific series by either the host &/or admin.
7.6 - Stewards will not remove sim penalties for track limits, pit lane speeding or jump start violations.
7.7 - Repeat offenders can expect penalties to increase incrementally.
7.8 - Stewards will always exercise reasonable judgement.
8. Incident Submission Process
8.1 - Incident submissions must be made within 24 hours of the race ending via submission via an incident report form, or unless advised by host &/or admins another report process is being used.
   8.1.1 - Incidents sent outside of the 24 hours deadline will not be accepted or reviewed.
8.2 - Stewards look to have incidents dealt with within 48 Hours of submission.
8.3 - Should an appeals process be used in the event of a live stewarding race/series you will be notified by the host &/or admins on the appeals process.
8.4 - Stewards decision is final.
   8.4.1 - Anyone found to be excessively complaining about the stewards decision may result in further penalties being applied.
8.5 - Incident submissions which do not have sufficient information or evidence provided may be dismissed without further follow up.
8.6 - Any driver requested to provide their POV by the stewards, must do so as soon as reasonably possible.
   8.6.1 - Drivers requested to provide their POV & failing to do so may result in the penalty going against them based on the evidence provided & further penalties may apply for failing to provide the requested POV.
8.7 - Once incidents have been dealt with you will be notified and a document or capture of the relevant outcomes be provided for the series.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules from the NXTGEN Racing Admin Team.

Drivers Etiquette Guide - Coming soon.